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Why “.com” is preferred over other domains

Choosing the right domain defines the identity of your business to the customers. It also helps to increase the brand recognition. You can increase the number of website visitors by picking a good domain name. Not only the domain name, but the domain name extension also plays an important role. The extension you choose needs to be well-familiar with all the people over the internet.

TLD(top-level domain) is nothing but domain name extension which generally appears at the end of the domain name.

Which are majorly used TLD’s?

The most commonly used TLD’s are:

.com (commercial)

.org (organization)

.net (network)

Institution specific TLD’s are:

.int (international)

.mil (military)

.edu (education)

.gov (government)

Location specific domains ie Country code TLD’s are:

.us (United States)

.in (India)

.eu (European Union)

Latest customised TLD’s:




Purpose of TLD’s:

1) .com:

.com is the most popular extension intended for the commercial purpose. Later, the extension was opened for all general purposes.

2) .net:

.net extension is truncated from the word network and intended for the businesses involved in networking technologies. It is commonly used for Internet administrative sites.

3) .org:

.org is derived from the word organization and is most commonly used by the charities and other non-profit organizations.

4) .gov:

.gov represents government. This TLD is used by government institutions of the country

Why is .com preferred?

Domain names do have significant importance in the search engine optimization and always changes the position of the website in the google search engine ranking. A research has stated that 75% of the domains have .com extension. Since ancient times .com is very popular among the internet users so it is easier for the people to type and remember. It is safer to use .com for any start-up business. .com is considered as the industry preferred domain among all the domain names.

Benefits of .com:

Most widely used and preferred

So by default, it is typed by any new user for a website

Easy to remember

It is a major reason behind ranking factors and it is the base of your website.