Digital Marketing

Tricks to convert your ordinary website into Best website

Today’s world is accommodated with everyday e-commerce start-ups! But why only a few of them are able to stand in the race? Because they lack a great design, no SEO strategy, and no visitors engaging content or maybe they don’t have good web host etc. To tackle it and become a successful website, you only have to implement some changes that every successful website possess. One of the greats had once said, if you want to become successful don’t do different things, just do them differently. Exactly the point lies herein. Does there are really any dark secrets? Maybe! But they are not dark at all, they are just unresolved.

You are gonna need these things to set up a successful website:

#1 Clear idea for website structure

You must in clear thoughts how you gonna set up the structure, that will give you real results. You should know who your customers are, what interests them, what age group they are, how they find you on the internet, what content they are looking at on your site and most important is what gonna make them purchase a certain product. When you strategies these things it will be a lot easier to construct.

#2 User-friendly design

According to survey users make an impression about the website within 120 to 190 milliseconds, that is too little time to make or break your business. That is why your website should have a user-friendly design that excites them and engaged them on your site. Design and user experience factors are incredibly important in creating positive first impressions. Your content must be informative that influenced their mind, broader their trust, a website should have a clear layout, a good navigation, interactive feature, relevant illustrations for their preference. You must avoid too much text, boring concepts, pop-up ads, small size text, lengthy navigation, and too colour customization as it irritates peoples most.

#3 SEO(search engine optimization)

It is the most important part of your web, SEO is an ongoing, continuous process and can impact how effective your website is in generating sales. if you have low SEO no matter how good is your web design, how killer content you have, how easily can navigate, all will go in vain as your website will not reach to your potential clients due to high competitiveness. According to CHITIKA 90% web traffic is directed towards the top 10 search results, so if you want your site to be on 1st page of search result you need very strong SEO. There are hundreds of ways to increase your SEO rankings, some of them listed below.

  • Your site should not take too long to respond and make sure images you are using are compressed for web
  • Use keywords in title tags, on page content, alternative text on images and headings and optimise your pages around these keywords.
  • Link building – promoting your content and asking other people to share it on their own blogs, websites and social media accounts. The more people who link to your site, the better!
  • Upload constantly fresh, well researched, relevant and shareable content.

#4 Create mobile friendly site

Mobile phones are in trend and 1 out of 3 people browse online on mobile phones, so it is an absolute necessity to make websites mobile friendly so that customers can reach your product.

#5 Easy to cart design

If your website is an e-commerce and you deal with different products online, then you must create easy cart design so the customer can easily add the product to cart and carry on his/her list.

#6 Use social media

More businesses using social media platforms to increase following community, and using it to provide a forum where your customers can interact with you and other customers and share knowledge helps to build your company’s brand and your positioning as an industry leader.