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The next big thing in security intelligence

Security intelligence is not just installing firewalls & checks for threats regularly; it is way more than simply running anti-malware software to protect sensitive assets. It is a process of collecting large data which is highly actionable and using big data tools in order to avoid potential harm, and data is collected from different sources including cyber threats themselves. Collecting data through threats help to create proper strategy & implement it in the way attackers would not be able to crack your system.

In simple words, we can say that security intelligence is next generation of protection that create a highly secure layer for your sensitive information. It not only helps protect assets but also helps businesses to determine the safety of their existing protection, whether existing protection capable of tackling advanced threats techniques. Security intelligence with the big data tools is most intelligent, integrated, and automated security available presently that is nearly impossible for attackers to break.

You should have the knowledge of the present or potential threats that are/capable of harming your assets so that you can be able to identify and prevent them. An advanced persistent threat (APT) is one of & highly effective network attack that used by threat performers to gain an unauthorised access to your network, just to steal data rather than to destroy your network/organisation. APTs remain unnoticed for a longer period and then function-ate the network so effectively that your malware detector or so-called security tool would not able to detect it, so destroy it. That is the main reason for you to implement security intelligence to manage your risks and analyse your network behaviour.

You probably have heard of governing agencies, big corporations implementing the security intelligence in their systems mainly, because they have anticipated the potential hazards of cybercrime in upcoming years. If you have to face the cleaning up of cyber attacks like APTs, trust me it will be the hardest thing you and your organisation can do. By implementing security intelligence, you can detect early and prevent them. This will definitely avoid your suffering.

Security intelligence prevents following assets attack:

  • Your customer and employee information
  • Confidential information on manufacturing process
  • Your access credentials
  • Strategic and product roadmap information
  • Sensitive information including communications that could be embarrassing if disclosed
  • Classified information
  • Cash and cash equivalents