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SSL Certificate – Why should i use it?

Technology has evolved a lot during last decade and because of which any data can be shared with anyone in the world within few seconds. People share information with others by using the internet but the data we send is passed across the network and can get hacked anytime. So, it is always essential to transfer the data secured over the internet. This can be done with the help of SSL technology.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is one of the standard digital technology, used to create an encrypted link between the server and the client. This link will fortify that the exchanged data remains secure between the client and the server. If end-users want to transfer the sensitive information over the internet like credit card details or passwords, then they need to install the SSL certificate for those pages. With an SSL certificate, your data is secured and ensures that your information is not hacked.

Use of SSL Certificate:

The main motive of an SSL certificate is to encrypt the information so that, the intended recipient will only get access to read it. You will also have the benefit of getting server certificate by obtaining an SSL Certificate. This server certificate acts as an intermediate between the browsers and SSL servers, to ensure the reliance on SSL certificate.

Using SSL technology, the data will be encrypted while transmitting the information via the Internet. The encrypted data can only be decrypted by the server which you actually send it. Any online businesses that make payments require an SSL certificate with a proper encryption of at least 128-bit.

The top queries people have regarding SSL Certificate:

  • Do I need SSL certificate for my website?

SSL Certificate gives assurance to your customers or website visitors that you are trustworthy and it is safe to visit your website. It also makes sure of protecting any sensitive data on your website. If your website is related to an E-Commerce site, then you definitely need to have an SSL Certificate. Any customer, who is doing an online transaction, had to be assured of safe transactions.

  • Why instant SSL Certificate costs less than other certification authorities?

Instant SSL have direct access to the ID Authority that can validate any application instantly. This validation ensures you can issue the certificate at a low cost.

  • Why is documentation needed when I apply for a certificate?

Documentation verifies that the applicant has provided the legal information and has the right to use the domain name featured in the application. This also ensures that the applicant is a legitimate and legally accountable entity. In case of Domain Validated certificate, no documentation is required.

  • Why does the website say the SSL certificate is ‘Untrusted’?

This happens only when the intermediate certificate has not been installed or a self-signed certificate is used.

  • What should I do if I have accidentally deleted the private key?

If you have the backup of data, then check whether you can re-install the private key.  If you don’t know how to re-install it, then contact your system administrator. Failing this, you need to contact the web server software vendor for technical support.