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SSL Certificate – A must before SEO

Each and every website, whatever their product, services or offering is, want a good Google ranking. There are literally hours and hours of online tutorials available online which teaches how to boost your Google rank or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But using a simple SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate can help you greatly in achieving that.

Most of the users browsing the Internet on a daily basis are constantly apprehensive about sharing their personal data online. Before going ahead you should know the simple difference between HTTP & HTTPS.

HTTP is for Hypertext transfer protocol while HTTPS stands for Hypertext transfer protocol Secure. This extra S in HTTPS is for security because of SSL certificate.

SSL certificate helps in putting an extra security in the form of encrypted data when the user visits your website to transfer some personal information.  This might not seem a big deal for a user, simply browsing the internet, but for websites which are based on getting some personal data from users; this additional encryption feature will help a lot in getting extra security.

SSL certificate makes sure that any kind of data that is shared by the user with the web browser and server remains completely private and encrypted.  SSL websites can be explained in more detail, but here we are mainly focused on how this will help you in achieving a better Google ranking or better SEO

Google has officially announced that they are going to give websites with an SSL certificate a preference in ranking when compared to simple HTTP website. Google’s main aim behind this announcement is to keep the web, a completely secured place for users. They want most of the websites to be transferred from HTTP to HTTPS.

Google also has announced that their research has proved that sites with HTTPS (SSL certificate) shows better ranking, not in terms of just privacy but also relevancy. Google has always openly admitted as security to be their topmost priority. Google has started Indexing pages on a priority basis with HTTPS pages at the topmost priority.

But you shouldn’t think that merely HTTPS will help your website ranking in Google. There are a lot of factors that are going to be considered, but just to compare, if all the factors are same with other sites, and if your website is HTTPS then it will definitely rank better than others.

Bottom line is switching to HTTPS is definitely a smart move right now as it may not have a huge impact at present, but will surely become a very significant factor in the future.