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Shared hosting – Best suited for smaller websites and blogs

Shared hosting is a service provided by web hosting companies that allow multiple websites to share a physical web server and associated services. Web server is generally distributed to several websites to operate, serve, and accommodate their functional stuff securely without being compromised on privacy.

Shared hosting is common and popular among mid-size business owners as it comes at cost-effective (fair) price with good features that allows you to grow.

If you are a small or mid-size website owner, blogger, then it’s not advisable to get a dedicated hosting as they are available at high price which may be suitable for large websites like Samsung, Amazon etc.  Shared hosting is best for small and mid-size websites as the charges on entire server is being shared by organisations sharing the same server.

Take a look at some of the benefits of shared hosting

  • Get a personalized space on web server: – When you sign up for a server, you get a part of physical server which is reserved only for your website and it houses database, documents for you only. Other websites are also present with different space sharing same server, computing power and storage.


  • Cheap and Effective: – Shared hosting is considerably cheaper than dedicated one and perfectly suits for small websites that don’t have high web traffic and comparatively low-security concerns. It provides solution that does justice to your requirement and content.


  • Ultra-Reliable: – Shared hosting has a rock solid defence that stops every breach activity which may harm your website by any means.


  • Daily Back-up: – Shared hosting servers provide you daily back-ups of your data, the data that is the major prospect of your business (everything and anything depend on data). You don’t want to be a victim of lost data.


  • Speed: – It is one of most prime features of shared hosting. It’s no secret that users tend to move on early when they lands to slower website, looking for better and faster websites than yours. So it is crucial to have fast and quickly loadable (accessible) site that allows users to have better surfing experience. Shared hosting provide fast accessible service with top hardware interference.


  • cPanel: – Shared hosting comes with easy to use admin panel that allow website owner to manage a site without much technical knowhow.