On-campus Courses

Our on-campus courses are tailored to improve skills and overall employ-ability quotient of the student that will help them land their dream job. Skill enhancement is must. One that does not run with the latest knowledge, is not slow in the race but they are thrown out of the race. Having latest knowledge and ability to use it is something that is sought after.

Courses for MBA

Advanced Excel

Whatever we use of Microsoft Excel is a tip of an iceberg. There is so much to this business package

Data Analytics

Data is taking over the world. Billions of data points are being collected on daily basis. It is more of Qualitative in nature. Learn from us how to make it Quantitative.

“R” Language

Raw data is of little help. If you want the data to be useful, you need to process it and then visualise it. For processing the data and preparing beautiful visualisations, R will come to help. In this course, we teach students the best and free statistical language available to the world, that is R language.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a vastly misunderstood marketing subject. There are too many people who lack a proper knowledge of digital marketing. We teach students nuts and bolts of digital marketing that will help them to implement, execute and re-calibrate their digital marketing strategies.

Courses for MCA

Full Stack Web Development

In our full stack web development course, we teach students HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Basics of NodeJS, Gulp, AngularJS, Python, PostgreSQL. This is a long duration comprehensive course.

JavaScript Automation Tools

With the increase in popularity of JavaScript, need for automating tasks has come to the fore. Like converting Pug template to HTML. Tasks which are necessary but time consuming and repetitive can be automated using automation tools. In this course we teach students Gulp.


AngularJS is a very popular JavaScript framework. It is very powerful but it takes a proper education to use it effectively. We teach students AngularJS with the help of live examples.


Python is a very terse yet readable language. It finds its application in web development, scientific community, data analytics and many more fields. As the popularity of Python is growing, students need to acquire knowledge of this language. In this course we teach students basics of Python.

Detailed syllabus for above courses is not mentioned since we customise the content as per the requirement of the Campus.

Course Features

  • Certified courses
  • 1 / 2 days course
  • Theory and practical exposure