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Looking a web hosting for free? Then don’t!

Your website requires a web hosting in order to keep the files of your website, so that people can access your website. Basically web hosting is a space on hard disk of a remote server that is publicly accessible.

Web hosting is little bit costlier affair than domains. So when you want to purchase hosting for your website, you are looking for a hosting service that cost effective, some times people even search for a hosting that is free. And there are some hosting services which are either very cheap or free.

In this article we are going to see why purchasing a very cheap hosting or free hosting is dangerous for your business.


As said earlier web hosting is a space on hard on a remote server. Files of your website are going to be saved on this space. Plus these files will be publicly accessible. So these files need to be kept very secure.  Otherwise hackers will have merry time hacking your website. And free or very cheap hosting services do not have any security measure in place. You should never keep your important files on such insecure environment.


Good hosting companies invest in state of the art infrastructure. This infrastructure is capable of servicing many visitors at a time. Of course this depends on whether you have opted for a shared hosting or a virtual private server. But very cheap of free hosting services fail to provide a good infrastructure which results in degraded visitor experience.


Good hosting companies are ethical, they do not breach confidentiality and check on your data. Whereas a company with no standing that provides such hosting cannot be vouched for ethical behaviour. They may steal your data, sell it to third parties etc. They may even put malicious files or malicious code on your website.

On concluding note, you should never settle for a cheap hosting service. After all the price difference between free hosting and good quality hosting is worth an investment.