Digital Marketing – Website Building makes easy is one of the most popular website builders today. Named as, “The world’s first automatic website builder”, its distinct pricing structure, options and features attract most of the professional website developers towards it. One of the reasons why it is called the future of website building is, its feature of building mobile-centric websites so that they could function in equivalence to native mobile apps. These are a few positive highlights that should be pointed out;

It is coding-free, which means, you do not have to be a professional developer to operate it efficiently. It is quick in functioning. You can have a decently operational website in less than 30 minutes. There are great looking customizable template designs specially made for mobile sites. Regarding the ease of use, you can pull your data from your Facebook business page to generate a mobile website of ten different designs in no time. promises to bring several new enhancements to its e-commerce features and its user base. It also assures more back-up options in the future, so that one can easily build a mobile website using a mobile device while not having to worry about the space availability. These are the five categories you can build your website under:

  • Restaurant
  • Personal
  • Local Business
  • Musician Health &
  • Beauty

The two most preferred paid plans are; monthly $9 for starter, and monthly $14 for business. It also offers a free plan, if you’d like to try before you buy.

One of its major features is the “Edit Style” button. It gives you the option to alter the website while you build it, with the “Select New Skin” option to choose the right design at the same time.

There are other unfinished features like these that are expected to be finished soon and launched. We’re eager to see what else this futuristic website builder has to surprise us with.