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How to motivate yourself while learning online?

Learning together as a group has many advantages. You can brainstorm with your group, get the topics clarified from your fellow learners and most importantly there is a one on one relationship with your fellow learners as well as your teachers. This is a proven method of learning that is being used for centuries. But with hectic schedules that students and working professionals alike have, it becomes almost impossible to learn new things as a group.

Each individual has his or her own schedule that makes it rather difficult to come together physically and absorb the knowledge. Now this issue is solved with the new dawn of technology. Anyone can study any topic literally from the comfort of their home while maintaining contact with each other through various groups and communities online. And there are multiple options that a person can avail to learn online as there are various online learning portals that offer thousands of courses.

All this sounds great but there is one issue with learning online. That is, you need to keep motivating yourself in order to complete the courses on time. When you are learning together in a classroom or in group physically, motivation to learn is still an issue but it can be overcame quite easily. Just by looking at your hard-working classmate, you will get the required motivation to learn by dedication. Or even your teacher or professor will motivate you for the same. But there is no such face to face interaction with learning online. There is no one to keep a tab on you to complete the course except you yourself.

So what can be done to overcome this issue?

  1. Almost all online learning portals have a vibrant community or discussion forum related to the course you are taking. So you need to take an active part in this community. Make sure you are asking doubts, clarifying topics, even helping out others.
  2. Interact with your instructor. Some instructors are very busy as they are working professionals and have a very heavy workload but there is no harm in asking.
  3. Make sure you are setting small but achievable goals. Give at least some time regularly towards the completion of course.

Finally, keep in mind that you stared with a certain course because you wanted to learn something new. And you won’t be able to learn if you are not giving the required time. Everyone is busy with their work schedule or regular study. But those who find some time to learn something new and is willing to sacrifice some leisure time like skip TV or a movie, will go a long way. Keep the apatite to learn something new burning so that motivation will never be an issue.


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