How to?

How to complete a course effectively and efficiently?

Whenever we feel an urge to learn something new, online, we search for the best online platform available, finalise the course, enrol for it and resume the course with great enthusiasm. What next! If the course is short, we try to finish it off as soon as possible before our energy level drops or enthusiasm gets exhausted. But what if the course is long and requires a commitment of couple of days or weeks?

After resuming the course, over a period of time, our enthusiasm reduces, dedication level drops, priorities changes and the focus gets deviated to something else. It happens with majority of people.

It is still fine but what about the money paid for the course. You have to get the value for the money paid. So to get the value from your course, it is always better to complete the course within deadlines. To complete the course effectively, you have to get maximum out of your course and to do it efficiently, you have to schedule the course timing in such a way that you finish off the course within stipulated time

To complete the course effectively and efficiently, you have few Do’s and Don’t

  1. Enrol for a course only when you can spare time or don’t any have near future commitments
  2. Start with a small course to understand your capabilities
  3. Split the course into parts as per your convenience for ease
  4. Spare time daily/regularly for the course to keep the interest going
  5. Have Continuous dedication throughout the course
  6. Create comfortable atmosphere while taking the course
  7. Make sure you don’t have any disturbance whenever you are taking course
  8. Note down important points for future reference
  9. If you don’t understand a point in the course, repeat it or discuss it
  10. Prioritise course time over leisure time
  11. Ask someone else also to enrol for course, along with you so that you can share, discuss and motivate each other.

Always keep the habit of learning going. Learning keeps you updated, makes you confident and gives a competitive edge over others.