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How to choose a course that is suitable to you?

Internet is an infinite world and so is the volume of courses available on it. The sheer volume of the course can intimidate any new learner. And it may even put off someone going to start online learning. Important thing is to understand here is that you need to develop a logical process, using which you can eliminate the courses that are not satisfying your requirement. Ultimately you will reach to the course that will meet your goals.

In this article, I will explain you the process I followed and still follow when it comes to enrolling for a course.

  1. Almost every online learning portal shows you the difficulty level of the course. Make sure the difficulty level that you are looking for is in line with the course. If difficulty level is not mentioned then you should look for perquisites mentioned for the course.
  2. Once you have shortlisted the courses based on the difficulty level that you are looking for, it is time to check reviews for the course. I personally, do not give lot of importance to reviews because at times they are biased and written by students who enrol for a course without due diligence. So you should be able to cut through the crowd of comments on course and find out genuine comments.
  3. After going through the reviews, make sure you watch sample videos of the course. Most online learning portals provide sample videos or a money back guarantee. If neither is provided then it is a big red flag for me. Instructor should be comfortable enough to show sample videos. Because not everyone likes every teacher’s teaching style. This point is very important for me, you should be very comfortable with teaching style, the accent of the instructor. Otherwise you will end up writing negative comment for that course and that may dissuade someone from taking that course.
  4. Finally, I check the pricing of the course. There are few people who look at only the value that course will provide and pricing is not an issue for them. But these people are far and few. Most of us have a budget to work with. So go with the course that will add value to your knowledge. Here what value means is not how many different topics that you will learn but how many topics are covered in depth with sufficient amount of practical examples. Even if it is a single thing that is taught in the course but if you are able to implement it in your work then you can say that you have made a perfect investment.

So without further ado, enrol for the course and start learning.

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