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How should I select the SSL certificate for my website?

What is an SSL certificate?

Secured Socket Layers are often referred as SSL, used to secure the data by creating an encrypted link between end-to-end users. When SSL certificates are installed on the server, the data files of your organization will digitally bind with a cryptographic key. That means unauthorized users or hackers cannot access your data.

Types of SSL certificate:

SSL certificate comes in different types. Although these certificates use similar methods to protect your data, they are differentiated by a validation method. Any certificate must be verified and issued by Certification Authority. The CA will ensure that they are covering the correct and authorized site. The following are the top and best types of certificates you can find online.

DV Certificate:

One of the most common types of SSL certificate is the Domain Validated (DV) certificate. This certificate is used only to verify the domain name. The CA will receive the information through an email with an address listed in the domain’s WHOIS record. The website can be protected by the owner by placing the verification file provided by the CA. This type of certificate is best suitable for the non-public websites such as test environments or non-public servers.

OV Certificate:

Organization Validated (OV) will provide more security for the website as it requires more validation than the DV certificate. The CA will verify whether the organization was entered into a public external government source or register. The business name gets listed on the certificate which enhances the trust of both the website and company. Generally, these types of certificates are used by the corporations, governments and other entities who want to prove their confidence levels to their visitors.

EV Certificate:

Extended Validation requires most efforts by the CA to get it validated. They provide a maximum amount of security for the viewers. Owners need to submit extra documents according to the rules set by the CA/Browser Forum. Unlike DV and OV, the address bar of the website is displayed in green colour, if it has got a fully validated EV certificate. This is used majorly by large companies and organizations as this certificate takes extra steps to confirm the site and provides more trust to the viewers.


You need to understand the features of SSL certificate before purchasing any of the above-mentioned types. It is a very tough task to find out what you need whether it is a high assurance certificate, low assurance certificate or an EV certificate.

-Domain Validated SSL includes only the domain of your site in the certificate. It is the low assurance certificate and can be issued instantly. It provide less secured assurance to your visitors

-Organization Validated SSL includes the organization name and address. This certificate is better than Domain Validated and provides a better assurance to the customers. It can take few days to get the certificate.

-Extended Validated SSL is designed to prevent phishing attacks. It provides greater assurance to the website visitors than high assurance certificates by making the address bar turn into green colour. It takes few days or weeks to receive the certificate.


You can get a wide range of benefits by having a suitable certificate to your business.

Provides authentication: It is important to make your website authentic and trustworthy to your visitors to make a payment on your site. You can gain it easily by getting an SSL Certificate to your browser.

Trusted Indicators: SSL Certificate will offer your web-resource with most trusted indicators which helps visitors to ensure that your website is reliable and protects from phishing attacks.

Increases the ranking and brand value: Any website secured with an SSL certificate and web URL starts with a secure HTTPS, will be benefited of getting high ranking in search engines.