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How safe is cloud to store my business private data?

Cloud is one of the easy and secure ways to store the data. Because of its easy-to-access, most of the people think that cloud is not a safe place to secure confidential data. But with the evolution of technology, people came to know that cloud is safer to store the data rather than storing on the local machines.

Why is cloud the safest place?

The service providers of cloud offer most secure platforms to keep the client’s data secured. To ensure data protection and network security the cloud providers implement security capabilities like:

Firewalls Intrusion-detection systems Denial of service solutions. If in case, hackers get the access to the network, then cloud providers use a combination of automated threat detection and rapid-response forensics tools to reduce the time of detecting unauthorized users resolves the consequences of hacking. Your data is protected even in case of natural disaster. Compared to local machines you can store huge amount of data on the cloud at a lower cost.

According to the national security services, 82% of the organizations have a cloud security strategy. As there are no geographical limits, you can choose the best class security providers where major international companies also trust.

How cloud keeps data secured?

Data security is achieved by executing a set of controls, processors, procedures, policies and software and hardware functions. The most common way providers keep the data safe is through encryption which makes hacking it a laborious. The method they use for encryption increases the level of security. The following are the reasons that make cloud safe:

Redundancy: The service providers store at least three copies of each data in different places. If all the three copies are lost, then only your data will disappear. This happens only with a relatively small fraction of data. The lost data can be recovered in a couple of days.

Security: Cloud service offers multi-factor authentication and encryption can often be enabled. To protect the data take care of your credentials, for example, providing passwords.

Safe Sharing: You can share the data by giving access to other people to read it. You don’t need to make a copy of the file or no need to mail them. The data is accessible only to the person who you want to share it.

Cloud storage is not hacked data:

The information stored in the cloud cannot be hacked but can be lost. This can be eliminated by if the cloud is used as a sharing platform instead of using it as a storage platform. Store the shared files into something like Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint. So, that you can ensure that if your data is lost, you can locate them through the other platforms easily.