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How Extended Validation SSL certificates is best for your e-commerce business?

What is Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

EV SSL(Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer) is a one of trusted, high security & highest available certificate that is granted by CA(Certification Authority) after rigorous vetting process to an e-commerce business who complete the EV guidelines set by CA forum. CA perform a background check before granting the certificate that includes the domain name, organization name, website’s legal existence, currently in operation, does website address & telephone number listed, physical location.

Why Extended Validation SSL is important for your business?

If your company is new and doesn’t have any reputation, and you want to make a solid first impression. The EV SSL certificate is the only thing that can make it happen within a few weeks, as it provides a Green address bar with your website name that ensures to visitors, a website is genuine & safe to deal with. The e-commerce industry is full of competitors so one wrong decision can harm your trust factor in the market, which can lead to dangerous results. So to avoid this, EV SSL certificate is truly needed.

If your business has not been the victim of online fraud, at-least we know someone who has witnessed. If you are a start-up or medium-size business firm your chances are high to get victimized by online fraud-esters, which can make a negative impact on your e-commerce. To vanish fraud chances, you need to have EV SSL certificate. Consider you don’t have an EV SSL certificate chances are high that your users will abandon the purchase if data is sent over an unsecured connection, this can damage your credibility as the most trusted business.

Benefits of EV SSL Certificates:

  • It provides green light at the address bar of your website that makes customer assured about site’s security without any doubt.
  • EV SSL Certificate offers the highest degree of security including 256-bit encryption strength and multifarious cryptography technology which is hard to crack or deterred by hackers.
  • It improve SEO rankings, better rankings help in increasing traffic and conversions to your business.
  • Customers know you are legitimate