Digital Marketing

Digital marketing techniques to dominate online market

To excel online market, marketers need to step up their marketing effort in order to utilise full potential of online market. Marketers should be use multiple marketing channels to tap the market and generate maximum revenue for their businesses. Traditional marketing techniques like radio spot, newspaper cuttings, point of purchase are used along with the digital marketing.

Since digital marketing is cheaper than the traditional marketing techniques, it is quite crowded unlike its counterpart. In this article we will discuss what are the must have digital marketing techniques that you should use.

  • Capture popular hashtags and go along with them- Search what are the popular hashtags that are trending with respect to the current affairs. Let’s say that one of the trending hashtag is #noshave November. Then make sure you are using this hashtag in your tweets. Make sure you find out multiple such hashtags.

  • Create more and more video content- It is not a secret that videos convert more than any other type of content. Create small and targeted videos that gives your prospects insight into your products, services or offers. Using video hosting tools like Wistia or Vimeo you can capture the email addresses of the prospects as well, which will serve you quite well for your email marketing efforts.

  • Use Call to Action (CTA) on your website and your ads- Call to actions are an excellent way to capture clients. But they need to placed such that they are not intrusive yet prospect is inclined to take an action. Usually when something is offered for action, like an e-book or coupon code or some offer then likelihood of action is higher. Facebook ads also have a functionality wherein you can add a CTA button.

  • Use email marketing extensively- Email marketing does not mean spamming. Send targeted emails with valid subject. Do not add words like Urgent or Attention to subject. Emails with such subjects usually end up in spam folder and also provide an opportunity for receivers to unsubscribe. As a marketer we want to get as much as sales are possible but we do not want to alienate any customer or prospect from us.

  • Maintain uniformity across all marketing channels- Non-uniform marketing material across different channels will lead to confusion. To give a simple example if you are offering 10% discount on a certain apparel, then all marketing communication should say that there is 10% discount. If newspaper ad says 15% discount then it will lead to confusion. Unless you are trying to give 15% discount to people who will use coupon code mentioned in the newspaper ad. In such case you should mention this explicitly.