JavaScript – Step 1

JavaScript – Step 1

JavaScript is a quirky language. Let’s face it is bit weird to use. But make no mistake it is very powerful and can make web development very exciting. JavaScript factory is producing the coolest kids on the block.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day and most importantly it was not built on a shaky foundation. If you want to build super-cool applications using JavaScript then it is very important that you should learn JavaScript in a way that it will make your foundation strong.


I am assuming that you do not know anything about JavaScript but basic understanding of HTML and CSS is required.


  1. Introduction to JavaScript and its purpose
  2. Tools available for JavaScript
  3. Data types
    1. Variables and types
    2. Data structures
  4. Functions
    1. Define a function
    2. Functions and expressions
    3. Anonymous Functions
  5. Flow control statements
  6. Scope of variables
  7. Prompt, alert and confirm
  8. Generate random numbers using Math library in JavaScript
  9. Traverse the DOM tree
  10. Events (Click, load, resize etc)
  11. New in JavaScript
    1. Let and const
    2. Arrow functions

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