Digital Marketing

Convert your website visitors into clients through digital marketing

The most significant thing in the digital marketing world is website traffic if you have set up a business and your site is causing substantial traffic. But you’re not taking in the results of sales. Visitors find your site and then forget. All that traffic means nothing if it isn’t contributing to your bottom line, then that is the sign, you need to get some modifications on your website to convert customers. Most online visitors don’t convert to customers on the very first visit, and unless you capture some contact information and follow up immediately.

Do following things to accumulate and convert visitors to clients

  • Make website faster – because it is very important part of your business, let me ask you, how many time you left a website due to poor loading speed? Some surveys said that 53% of customers make no purchase through a website that takes too long to load. That is a sole reason to make your website faster.

  • Post case studies – is a reason they convert so well is that the case studies don’t just talk about the traffic or revenue increases, but they also break down exactly what I did to help my customers achieve those results.

  • Use longer testimonial – don’t use simple and shorter testimonial, because the testimonial itself isn’t too convincing compared to the longer one. Longer testimonials are and tell a story to hook you in, it also talks about results achieved. When using testimonials, make sure you sprinkle them on your whole site. From sales pages to checkout pages, use them on any page that can impact a sale.

  • Introduce live chat – this helps customers to get answered their queries instantly, a customer who is not sure about your product will also get a proper idea about the product.

  • Use people’s herd mentality – you must have noticed that people move in the herd. If they see other people jumping into something, they typically do the same. If you want to increase your sign-ups, show how many people have recently signed up or are currently using your product or service.

  • Customize your pitch – you can do this by creating a unique product or service for your customer, but your chances are you won’t be able to do so, as it’s hard to create unique product each time. Another method you can try is to customize your sale pitch by putting in unique information targeted towards each of your visitors.

  • Use comparison page – if your product or service is in the market with a lot of demand, you will find competitors in the market with same product, that means your customers comparing your product with competitors before making a purchase. Why don’t you help out your potential customers with a landing page that has these comparisons? Give them reasons as to why they should choose you over your competitors. You can do it in the form of a comparison chart filled with images, numbers, and symbols which will add the much-needed colour to it.

  • Create a high converting CTAs – A CTA or “call-to-action” is the action that you want people to take. This could be “call now,” “learn more,” or “download an e-book.” You can place a CTA anywhere in your marketing in a form of wording or graphic.

  • Design a thank-you page – a thank-you page is a place where your visitors go after they have converted into a lead or customers. You can create a thank-you page that could confirm their purchase and can successfully sign up for your newsletter or any other conversion actions they do.