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Avoid website data loss using following techniques

Owning a website and protecting the files on that website is a crucial part. It is essential to keep back-ups of all the data that’s on your server if you own a website. Website data loss and technology failures may happen all the time. Rather than having a few website pages, we often have huge databases running on our websites. So a risk of loss of data exists and the process of prevention became even more necessary. Lost data can’t be recovered anywhere. To de-risk from these losses, you need to find creative alternatives for securing the data. In this section, we have explained in detail on how to prevent website data loss.

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon web services are designed to store a large amount of data and retrieve that information from anywhere. It provides a wide range of backup options that stores the files in a quiet place with the variety of services offered by Amazon. It ensures that the data is secured, scalable and safe to achieve efficiency within their backup and recovery environment without the need for on-premises tools.

Google Drive:

If you want to store a small amount of data, then this will be a great option for the low cost. It creates a virtual file system around your Gmail account, permitting you to use Gmail as a storage medium. The plugins present in this will automatically email your database backups on a regular basis. You can store and retrieve the files on your Gmail account directly from inside windows explorer. Remaining all the information can be mailed in an instance.

Cloud Backup:

The main benefit of using backup in the cloud is that you don’t need to do anything manually. The off-site backup service will take care of your data. But, you need to pay for the off-site service. In order to make use of the cloud backup. You have to find the best among all the backups available, to make sure that your files are not prone to any type of attacks.


As a human, we do mistakes and that may lead to losing important things. So, it is always important to take safety measures before happening of any disaster. A good backup is always wise in any kind of computing environment.