About us

Our Mission & Vision

Online courses are available plenty in the market but many of them require a long commitment. Working professionals don’t have much time to commit to such courses. So they need courses that are short and can be completed in a quick time. Whereas students have time, so they can commit to courses with long duration.

In order to target both students and professionals, we have developed courses which are neither short nor too long.

We feel it is important that we should share the knowledge to the students and working professionals who need to improve upon their skill set to have growth in their career.

What People Say

"There are many social channels through which customers can interact with your business on social media. I learned from digital marketing course that the purpose of social media is to connect with your existing and potential customers"
"In Digital Marketing Course, topic covered such as Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, Email marketing etc. It was great Course in which lot of things I learned about digital marketing which added extra value to my knowledge. Overall course was value added for me."
"The Digital Marketing Course helped me to get into the basics of digital marketing, as well as basics of promotions. The SEO being an important part of digital marketing, we were taught for keyword selections and their best use. Google Adwords was taught in actual way helped into a little more depth. This actually provided with a pathway into a social media promotion."
"In this online course of Digital Marketing, all the basic & important concepts are covered. Prathamesh Sir had explained the concept of Digital Marketing in very simple language which is understandable by anyone. He covered concepts of digital marketing like Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Channels, etc. Because of this online course, I came to know the new concept of Heat Map, Acquisition Overview and other components of Digital Marketing. It will definitely help me towards the growth of my career. Overall it was a very good Course."
"The Course on Digital Marketing has explored several aspects of the new digital marketing environment, including topics such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and Search Engine Marketing. I have got a richer understanding of the foundations of the new digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of stories and concepts."
"The Course was well structured and I learned the working and applications of R Programming language very quickly even though I am not good at computer coding. Syntax was explained with the help of dummy data which helped in understanding the language."